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Mini 1380 Engine Omega


Our 1380 built engines included the following quality machining and parts

1. Block. The block is properly offset bored, plateau honed and sufaced, chemically cleaned New core plugs, oil gallery plugs and camshaft bearings fitted. All Block threads retapped.The block painted.
2. Crankshaft. The crankshaft is re-ground to optimum size and ni- tempered/heat treated.
3. Flywheel The flywheel is fully lightened.
4.Con Rods Pistons, Flywheel and Crankshaft fully balanced.
5. Pistons fitted to Rods ready for assembly.
Parts include. Billet Camshaft of your choice, 8 followers, set of heavy duty engine bearings,mains and big ends, thrusts, Hi Capacity Hi pressure Oil pump, Duplex timing chain kit ,Clutch plate,oil seals and engine gasket set to complete the build.

Listed above is the base build list There are options and upgrade to suit you

All engines are supplied on an exchange basis.

Please email us for a firm price.